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This is not your ordinary vanilla WordPress theme. It’s a blend of spices that transforms WordPress into the ultimate digital publishing tool for independent journalists, professional bloggers and anyone with a passion for curating content. It’s a five-star sensual spa that brings the best out of your content, and focuses every last detail on delivering an enjoyable experience. For you and your readers.


Desktop, tablets and mobile

Editorial’s layout seamlessly adapts and tailors your content to any device running a modern web browser. In other words Editorial goes a long way to help you reach a broad audience and satisfy their diverse needs.

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Landscape & portrait photography

Editorial uses clever templates that change the layout based on the featured image’s orientation. It also handles any image ratios and automatically creates all the required sizes and thumbnails. Even for Retina displays. So you can focus on the bigger picture.

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Designed for readability

Typography is the interface for reading. After countless hours of writing articles you don’t want your words to be rendered illegible. For that reason every last detail of the text is designed to seamlessly invite your audience to sink into your story, like they are a cosy armchair.

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Feedback control

When you get attention from your readers, you better be ready for a lot of talking. Editorial’s integrated tools make it easy to stay in touch with your readers by moderating not only blog comments but also feedback from social media, helping you to grow and nurture your relationships.

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Machine friendly

Not all readers are human, so we made sure that even our robot friends will be able to understand your content. Everything you publish with Editorial is semantically structured to offer best possible search engine optimisation (SEO), painless social media sharing, and RSS/XML data portability.

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